Landsman Introduces Resolution in Support of Fully Funding Border Measures


LEBANON, OH -- Congressman Greg Landsman introduced a resolution in the U.S. House of Representatives in support of fully funding increased security and other measures at the southern border. The resolution reads, in part:

“[T]hat Congress should fully fund border security personnel, immigration judges, and related personnel and border technology at the southern border.”

Congressman Landsman’s resolution follows the House’s passage yesterday of a resolution condemning the Biden Administration’s border policies.

“Folks have been pushing for comprehensive immigration reform for years, and we have to get it done,” said Congressman Landsman. “The Administration could do more, such as building on last year’s increase in border personnel and pushing on authorities in Mexico to provide even more enforcement. The fact is, however, that the heavy lifting is on Congress.

“Everyone knows Congress and the Speaker must act. Real policy and funding solutions. Yesterday’s resolution does not change that.

“The American people are watching, and they want action. There is a bipartisan agreement on the border emerging in the Senate that would have bipartisan votes in the House. We just need the Speaker to join us, join the White House, and get this done.

“My resolution calls on Congress to fully fund border patrol, fully fund immigration judges and personnel, and fully fund the border technology that we need. Everyone that supported yesterday’s resolution should support this funding, and they all should support the bipartisan border agreement emerging from the Senate.”

The full text of Congressman Landsman’s resolution can be found here.

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