Landsman Statement on National Security and Global Aid Votes


LEBANON, OH -- On Saturday, The House of Representatives passed a series of foreign aid bills that added up to $95 billion in aid to Russia, Iran, and China. These three bills, along with an additional bill that could force the sale of TikTok and imposes strong sanctions on Iran, China and Russia, are now all heading to the Senate to be approved.

Concerning the passage of these bills, Warren County's Congressman Greg Landsman had this to say...

Russia, Iran, and China are empire building, and unabated, their actions in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and the Indo-Pacific will lead to larger, more expensive and more deadly global wars. The votes today are a show of strength and will provide much needed investments in peace, democracy and global stability.

To be sure, without support now, Putin will destroy Ukraine and march further into Eastern Europe. We must support Ukraine in fighting back against Putin’s unjust and horrific war.

Israel is surrounded by the Iranian regime’s armies - and Iran and its armies are determined to destroy Israel and its democracy. Whether it’s the current PM or another one, this terrifying reality will not change.

Russia and China are funding Iran and Iran’s ongoing aggression. Israel and its democracy are standing in their way of the empire building work they are all pursuing. The vote on the House floor today sends a message to them: Stop. And, it allows Israel to protect itself from Iran and these armies.

Without these defensive weapon systems, the number of Israelis who would have been killed in last weekend’s attack by Iran would have been staggering; the destruction enormous. A global war would have started. In 75 years, this is arguably one of the most significant votes in the history of the state of Israel.

The bills also include billions in humanitarian aid for Sudan, Ukraine, and Gaza. In Gaza, this gives us even more leverage to get all the aid in and to every corner of the strip. This is absolutely critical, and we must get it done.

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