Debate analysis for Trump vs Biden Really, this is our options?

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Finally had a chance to watch the debate and despite walking in without any precognitions, I was still disappointed in both sides. All we got was "the mess we're in isn't my fault, its your fault", "the other candidate is the worst option"; and that's not to say anything about how poor Biden looked or how many ad hominem's and character attacks Trump threw his way. 

I just don't understand how we, as a society, have devolved to the point where these are our best two options? Granted, I've said that in the last three election cycles, but it's just sad to see. Our entire way of life is on the cusps of change and this entire world feels like it's on the brink of catastrophic and yet, our best two options are these clowns? We get the type of leadership we deserve because we get the type of leadership we accept. 

Often it's cited that bad times make strong men, strong men make good times, good times make weak men, and weak men make bad times. We're at the latter. And the saddest part is, is that given the electoral college and the rhetoric we see in politics, we just continue to see both sides reinforcing themselves with the loudest among the fringes of their base- where does that leave the majority of American's who are not ultra liberal Antifa types or ultra conservative Trumper insurrectionist types? 

Unrelated, I've recently got involved with the Warren County Libertarian Party and if you are socially liberal and fiscally conservative, we meet at Doc's Place at 7pm on Wednesday July 10th. Would love for you to join us.

It might not be our best answer but anything to move the needle in politics is needed at this point. 

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