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Let’s pass on the cow gas theory by Melissa Martin

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Let’s pass on the cow gas theory

Why do climate fanatics have a beef with cows? It’s a myth that cow gas causes global warming on planet Earth. Visit Citizens in every country need to put this ruse to rest.

In a 2018 commentary, Frank Mitloehner, Professor of Animal Science and Air Quality Extension Specialist, University of California, Davis, challenged this view and proclaimed the cow climate crisis “is demonstrably wrong” and “giving up meat won’t save the climate.” And extreme actions could have harmful nutritional consequences. Visit

A 2018 article in Agricultural Sciences reported that even if Americans eliminated all animal protein from their diets, they would reduce U.S. greenhouse gas emissions by only 2.6 percent.

And the same holds for other countries. The cow gas crisis theory is in the toilet.

The United Nations (UN) wants to “transform food systems” concerning the meat and dairy industries, especially in high-income countries. Hmmm. Who put the UN in charge of cow countries?  Maybe the UN’s crew needs to cut the bull and eat a juicy steak.

I’d much rather listen to farmers and ranchers, than bureaucrats.

However, there’s more to the cow story…

Another group of madcap scientists and climate zealots claim it’s not cow flatulence, but cow belching that is the culprit of methane madness. Cattle just can’t get a break. Visit

Will the real truth about cows, gas, burps, and the climate crisis please stand up and moo?

We live on a massive planet of plenty. The problem is not that there’s too many people and not enough food – the problem is the greedy elite group that own the bulk of the land and resources. So, the problem is not beef consumption. And the farming and food industries are not the problem. Follow the money trail of the rich and powerful elitists.

“Hunger is caused by poverty and inequality, not scarcity.” Visit

A 2020 study by the Land Inequality Initiative has determined that land inequality “is also central to many other forms of inequality related to wealth, power, gender, health, and environment and is fundamentally linked to contemporary global crises of democratic decline, climate change, global health security and pandemics, mass migration, unemployment, and intergenerational injustice.” Visit Kudos to farmers.

“Why Apocalyptic Claims About Climate Change Are Wrong” is the title of a 2019 article in Forbes. BBC’s Andrew Neil confronted Extinction Rebellion (an environmental group founded in 2018) spokesperson. Neil deduced that no credible scientific body has reported that climate change threatens the collapse of civilization or the extinction of the human species.

In conclusion, the genuine climate scientists are speaking out against grossly exaggerated claims about global warming. Moo.

There you have it, folks. The cow flatulence climate crisis theory has been flushed.

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