Cloplay - Withholding information

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Mason, Ohio  We placed orders for new garage doors back in May of 2021 with a local Cloplay dealer in Texas. We were told our doors would be ready for installation at the beginning of August. Delay after delay and then told they were on a truck to be delivered to the dealer yesterday. The truck arrived with hardware but no doors. The company is stating that due to material shortages, they don't know when the doors will arrive, they do not know where the doors are and they cannot give us any information. I understand materials shortages but I do not understand lying or a coverup. What is going on over in Mason Ohio?? I wanted to buy American and I was born and raised in Ohio so important for me to support the local economy. What I cannot understand is a billion+ company has an ERP system and they should be able to track where my doors are!! I spent time as a customer service VP and this is NOT the way to treat your customers!!! Thanks, Lynn

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